Jacks_Tyan Troubles

Posted: 2008-12-06 20:51:42

All problems listed below are caused by a Tyan S5211 (Toledo i3210W) running bois version 1.03. I hope this helps someone else so they do not have to go through what I have!

So, I built my new computer. I'll go into the specs when I can get benchmarks and such. Right out of the box it was acting a little funky. The first problem I noticed was that when ever I told the computer to reboot, it would not. It would get stuck in some stupid cycle that never shut off or rebooted. It was not a big deal at first but working on all the future problems it was going to be a major pain.

The next problem I had was when I disabled the board video I got a bios error 0260 Timer something. It said to check the logs but there was nothing about it there. I turned of halt on errors, it did not seem to be hurting anything and there was nothing I could do to solve it.

Then the last major blow came when I tried to install windows on the box. I am a Linux user primarily but I like to have windows installed for games. It would not boot off of any windows install disk! I tried xp, xp x64, vista, server 2003 and I was about to go hunting for a windows 98 iso. Oddly enough, there was no problem booting any other Linux distro. This is quite confusing!! Usually support priorities go the other way around. Windows comes first and Linux is second. I spent hours messing with the bios in hopes of changing one option that would make everything work again. Holding down the power button every time because it would not restart.

So, clearly the motherboard is having issues. A Google search pulls up nothing. I think this is a newer board, so it does not surprise me. I check with Newegg and they wont let me RMA it because Tyan does not allow it. I check with Tyan and they want me to pay them to fix their own problems. Not to mention, I can not get into their support area for what ever lame reason. I don't think Linux is supported.

I am very angry and pulling my hair out at this point. My last hope before going out and buying another board was to flash (flush?) the bios. That in of it self has more problems. For one, there is no floppy connector on this board. And of course, they want you to use a windows executable. Even though you clearly could not put windows on the box. I have other computers I could do this stuff on but they are all running Linux as well and have special purposes.

Thank goodness I found this thread on the Ubuntu forums...
HOWTO: Flash BIOS, The Ubuntu Way

I tired the floppy way on a usb drive to no avail but the cd way worked just fine!
All my problems are solved!!

I hope this helps someone else out there.
Here is the iso I used. Run FLASH when prompted.
Downlaod bios1.06-S5211.iso